About me

When I was young I always loved acting in school plays and youth theater productions. I wasn’t sure yet which job I would pursue later, but it would definitely would be ‘something in theater’. After getting my Bachelor degree in Theater Studies at the University of Amsterdam in 2009, I continued studying at the Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, where I graduated with a Bachelor of Theater in Education (Theaterdocent) in 2014.

The past few years I’ve been working in Amsterdam, Weesp and Alkmaar as a theater director and teacher, with a big love for theater on location and community arts. 

Right now I am a parttime student at the Master Crossover Creativity at HKU, where I am developing new skills as a social designer. Combining this with my background in the arts, I want to bring people with different backgrounds together to work on creative solutions for wicked social problems.  My focus right now is on reducing inequality and creating an equal society for everyone, contributing to SDG 10.