One has to accept that “it” [ça] (the other, or whatever “it” may be) is stronger than I am, for something to happen. I have to lack a certain strength, I have to lack it enough, for something to happen. If I were stronger than the other, or stronger than what happens, nothing would happen. There has to be weakness…
– Jacques Derrida

About me

From a young age I have always been acting in school plays and youth theater productions. First I got my Bachelor in Theater Studies at the University of Amsterdam in 2009, and then continued at the Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, where I graduated as a Bachelor of Theater in Education (Theaterdocent) in Februari 2014. Now I work in Amsterdam and Berlin as a director and teacher, and have a big love for theater on location and working with enthousiastic people who like to experiment with theater forms.