An inclusive art project with youngsters during the summer holidays by Forum Freies Theater Duesseldorf

CLOSE UP is a summer academy in which artists work daily a fortnight long together with youngsters with and without the need for special support during the summer holidays. The project is designed interdisciplinarily and offers youngsters (14-18 years) access to professional artistic practice such as the fine arts, music or acting (film). The cooperation of artists and youngsters is set in laboratories which function participative and result open. The conceptional base for CLOSE UP is rather artistic than pedagogical. Self-determined cooperation and the development of new participative formats between artists and youngsters is here in the focus of attention. Considering topics and questions which seem to be of a central interest for youngsters, artists and youngsters develop projects in the thus offered art forms and design the processes in a time frame of 14 days. The experience of success and failure as well as the dependence on each other in artistic practice are basic elements of CLOSE UP. Established teacher-pupil-relationships are not of any importance in this project. More important is the acknowledegmente of the other being different and an artistic partner as well. CLOSE UP addresses youngsters with educational disadvantages and disabled youngsters equally. The project tries to use features of the artistic working (intuition, dialogue with the colleague, dialogue with the material, improvisation) in order to create a new form of the social dialogue. The being together every day and the continuous work on mutual projects supports a mutual emotional openness of the involved persons and offers an alternative to scholar experiences. The interdisciplinary orientation of CLOSE UP offers all involved persons the chance to realize ideas and projects beyond genre boundaries and to bring different art forms together to a dialogue.

Ingo Toben, director (Duesseldorf)
Anke Platon, dramaturge (Duesseldorf)
Joachim Brodin, visual artist (Oslo)
Christoph Grothaus, composer and music producer (Hamburg)
Kamila Kurczewski, designer (Duesseldorf)
Tom Orr, musician and sound engineer (Berlin)

Anne Stoop, director/theater teacher (Amsterdam)
Rosa Asbreuk, director/theater teacher (Amsterdam)

Forum Freies Theater Düsseldorf